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  • Contactless Smart Card
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About Us
CardBiz Technologies

CardBiz Technologies Sdn Bhd (CBT) is specialized in providing hardware distribution on cards, reader, authorized Distributor of Hiti and Matica card printer and card services bureau related business to other corporate clients and government office.

Being as Gemalto, Watchdata, Verifone, and Castles Technology business partner in Malaysia, we offer one of the most innovative solution for various industries including the Financial Institutions, Food & Beverages, Corporate, Retails, e-business as well as Membership industry.


  • National ID
  • Student ID Card
  • Plastic Loyalty Card Printing
  • Staff ID
  • Discount Passes
  • Plastic Gift Card Printing
  • Vehicle Registration Cards
  • Visitor Identification
  • Hospital Visitor ID
  • Toll Cards
  • Voters Registration Cards
  • Prepaid Card Printing
  • Access Control
  • Transit Passes
  • Driver License
  • University ID Card
  • Patient ID
  • Club Membership Cards
  • Visitor Identification
  • Parking Access
  • Hotel Cards
  • Insurance Cards
  • Event Badges
Contactless Smart Card
Smart Contact Card contains a chip pad on the card surface, which makes contact the encoder when inserted in to extract information from the chip.
  • Chip is tamper-resistant.
  • Capable of performing encryption.
  • Communicate with computing devides through a smart card reader.
  • Information stored on the card can be PIN code and/or read-write protected.
  • Smart card provide a portable, easy to use from factor that many are familiar with using.
  • Information and applications on a card can be updated without having to issue new cards.
  • Door Access Card.
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Identity Card
Barcode card contains barcode to represent data.
  • It can be scanned extremely quickly to identify the user.
  • Help to prevent any intruders from getting access to a building.
  • Simple concept and effective way to increase the security of an ID card.
  • Avoids delays at check-in points, increases accuracy levels and decreases input errors.
  • Far less likely to be forged and a scanning device will immediately identify a card which has any inconsistencies.
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Magnetic Stripe Card
Magnetic Stripe Card is a card for use in an automated teller machine, that has a magnetizable on which data can be recorded.
  • Low cost.
  • More secure than barcodes.
  • Higher data capacity than most barcodes.
  • Re-writable data that can be updated when required.
  • Well established standards, resulting in high compatibility.
  • Ease and speed of use, making them ideal for transit and point of sale applications.
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Membership Card
Membership card also known as PVC Card is waterproof, long lasting and high-quality printing which are extremely durable.
  • High resolution quality.
  • Long lasting, high quality ID Card and badges.
  • Quick, easy, customized and professional ID Cards.
  • Printed by your desktop card printer instead of in a factory.
  • High gloss, waterproof with tight and smooth edge PVC Cards.
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What Our Customers Say
  • We have been using Matica XID 8300 for couple of years and love it. Not only that, I vouch for the excellent quality of printing and technical support from CARDBIZ.
    by Jonathan
  • I know that we can rely on CARDBIZ to deliver what they say.
    by Wilson Lam
  • The Cardbiz Sales Personal service is beyond anything I would have imagined, it gets my highest recommendation.
    by Min Yi
  • It was such a pleasure working with the Sales Personnel of CARDBIZ who seems to have all answers to our ID card printing Solution. I would highly recommend his team who made our ID printing easy.
    by Dixon
  • I like the Hiti Cs200e Card Printer on how it operates, easy to operate with free maintenance tools. Furthermore, it bundles with comprehensive printing software with ODBC database connection which I do not need to add additional cost on upgrading the software
    by Alexis
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